networked connections

travel the waters connected with fishblink internet

Technology in wireless communications, motion sensing, networking and energy harvesting have all advanced significantly over the last five years. Our engineers have been able to capture these improvements to build an affordable network along the California coast.

Video communications require low latency; uploading and downloading audio and video files in today’s age requires an un-metered data connection. A wireless network on the seas allows Fishblink customers to have an internet connection with a practical bandwidth with low latency at an affordable price point. At Fishblink, we believe the seas you travel can be temperamental, not your internet connection! Our customers do not need to move their vessels around to find signals or worse yet tinker with antennas in hopes of finding a connection.

Contact us today to find out how you can say hello to a new way of connected living on the seas.

superior SERVICE

Start by getting an easy to install Fishblink boat hub. Our networks work hard to find the best connection to your boat no matter where you are along the California coast. Let boat hub link up into the Fishblink network and get connected to the internet right on your vessel!

Comprehensive plans

Our dynamic plans cover customers with a variety of needs and sizes. Whether you’re just looking to plug in to the network every once in a while, or have a regular need to be connected, we have connection plans that fit your needs, budget and usage. Contact us today to find out more.

Amazing Results

We talked to many boat owners, and the message has been the same- ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to link to the rest of the world from my boat no matter where I am along the California coast?’ This is where Fishblink delivers the most. We believe that our network should do the work of optimizing your internet connection.