Traditional internet connection on boats typically comes in three flavors:

– Sail close to land by a restaurant, marina or such and look to connect into a congested Wifi service

– Sail close to land, buy a 3G data card and hope to catch a decent wireless signal

– Buy expensive gear, connect to a satellite up in the air and get a high latency expensive internet connection while counting the megabytes of data up or down stream

At Fishblink , we aim to provide every customer with reliable, low latency, un-metered internet at an affordable price. Simply fire up your installed Fishblink boat hub, connect into our network and enjoy internet connectivity on your boat!

Reach out to one of our qualified technical service representatives and let us help you stay connected anywhere along the Californian coast.



Internet connection while on the seas was typically expensive…until now. Our engineers capitalize on recent advances in wireless, storage and stabilization technologies to set up a network on the seas. Customers can therefore enjoy low latency internet connection on boats of all sizes.

Flexible plans to fit your needs

With a Fishblink boat hub installed, customers can choose between day rates, monthly or yearly subscriptions for internet on the seas. There are no additional costs- stream all you want, upload your life on the seas or simply enjoy trouble free internet all along the California coast!

Share your sea life

Let us help you stay connected while on the boat. Be it a fishing boat, a sail boat or a yacht, staying connected or disconnecting from the world should be a choice. Connect to the family, friends or work from your vessel with a push of the button. Let our technology do the work for you and keep you connected wherever you are.

Contact us at support@fishblink.com

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